Common Tools Used In Decorative Concrete Work

Decorative concrete is one of the most popular trends today and for very good reasons. It offers a variety of solutions that will truly make any concrete surface look stunning and function better. It is important for a homeowner to learn about decorative concrete. Here, you will get a glimpse at the common tools used by concrete contractors when doing stamped, stained, spray-down, and other types of concrete work.


decorative concrete sprayerA sprayer is essential in stained concrete work. It helps distribute the stain evenly especially in really large areas. By adjusting the spray type, it can also be used to create special effects using multiple concrete stain colors.


Diamond Pads

decorative concrete diamond padsThese pads range from coarse to finer grits and are used for polished concrete floors. Starting with the coarse pad, the grinding machine starts sanding the concrete floor. The pad is replaced with a finer pad every time until the right smoothness and shine are achieved.


Stamping Mats

decorative-concrete-stampsThese mats are made of a flexible material to make it easier to lay out and remove. It comes in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors.

Concrete Trowel

decorative concrete trowelA trowel is essential in any type of concrete work. It can be used to lay out the concrete mix, to level the surface, and to straighten edges.


Hopper Gun

hopper gunThis is a tool used to create a spray texture on a surface. The coating is loaded into the hopper gun and, powered by an air compressor, the coating is splattered on the surface. A trowel is then used to complete the knockdown texture.

Pressure Washer

pressure washerThis is used during the surface preparation stage. The pressure of the water helps to loosen tough and stubborn contaminants on the surface of the concrete slab.


Electric Drill with Mixing Paddle

electric drillA lot of mixing is involved in decorative concrete work. Most coatings and overlays need to be thoroughly mixed, especially if it contains pigments, tints, and other add-ons.


Roller Frame

roller frameThis is an effective tool in spreading out coatings or overlays evenly.



squeegeeA squeegee is effective in applying first base coats or primers because it applies the material thinly but evenly.

There are many other important tools that decorative concrete contractors use for proper coating or overlay installation. Make sure to hire a contractor who uses the right tools and equipment when working on your concrete resurfacing or refinishing project.

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