Garage Look Book: Ideas to Make Your Space Look Sleek

Cluttered. Unorganized. Uninspired and has no personality? Do these words describe the current state of your garage? And are you getting tired of seeing your garage area so lifeless?

What if we tell you you can give your garage surfaces a new life? To be specific, a new and sleek life on your workspace where you can add your own style to it?

That is right! You can resurrect your garage and turn it from a chaotic and trip-prone area to one you can brag about to your friends. Try the so-called  “One Day Coating”, as this can withstand heavy traffic and is resistant to staining and fading

Whether you are a cool biker dude or an idealist wanting a streamlined and neat space, we have you covered. This blog opens up the potential for a garage where you will want to spend your free time. Read and find out what fits you in this garage lookbook!

Empty white garage

Achieving the "Sleek Look"

Before you open the doors to your garage, strip its walls, and resurface its floors, let’s first look at what the word “Sleek” means.

Sleek is defined as smooth, streamlined, and with a modern appeal. Most of the time, the term sleek is often synonymous with the word elegance and sophistication.

If we put a “sleek look” and “garage” together, we are onto something special. In this case, we are upgrading, decluttering, and organizing our garage in a minimalistic and modern look.

With a sleek look, you are also opting your garage into something that would stand out in elegance but still be functional.

Sleek Garages LookBook

With that said, we scoured the net and compiled sleek designs that will confidently up the ante of your garage look. These garages will feature clean lines, minimal ornamentation, a polished, glossy finish, and a polyurea floor coating. Without further ado, let’s begin!

For Bold and Modern

This garage design features mainly the important part of your garage, the car. This design features colors gray and beige. With these shades, it offers a modern look to your garage.

In contrast, others would even go for black and navy blue for a more fancy aesthetic.
As for flooring, epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating is the best option for matching your simple, bold garage.

For An Idealistic Philosopher

Instead of concrete for your garage, wood and stone will be the best option if you want a more natural feel.

You can also add some greenery inside your garage, like potted plants and shrubs, giving it a more eco-friendly vibe. This design aims to generate a green, calming, and grounded atmosphere in your garage.

Stone walls and wood door garage

For A Bookworm's Sci-Fi Romance Nook

Did you know you can transform your garage area into your favorite reading spot? Yes, you read that right! After decluttering, refurbishing, and applying a new polyaspartic floor coating on your garage, add an exquisite armchair, a nightstand, and ambient reading light.

You can even include a simple bookshelf on the side to fill in your favorite sci-fi or romantic novels. A perfect place to get lost and explore the world of fiction!

For A Biker Dude's Garage

Last on our list for car and bike enthusiasts. What you need here is space. Not just some area, plenty of space, to be specific! Why do you ask? Well, of course. Where will you place all those bikes? Also, you need all the space you need to work as you customize and repair your bikes.

Ample lighting is also required here, and a polyaspartic garage floor is the best option. This protects your floor from wearing down quickly, as heavy traffic will be expected in a biker’s garage.

In Summary

Your garage is not only a place to keep your vehicles safe and store all the unnecessary junk you have. It can be a haven for your hobbies and even a place you want to showcase to your friends and family.

Customizing your garage is limitless, from applying a simple polyaspartic floor coating to improving the ambiance of the garage. The choice is yours! If you are sincere in achieving this look for your garage, you can reach out to local decorative concrete contractors who can make your dream garage to a reality! 

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