Basketball / Tennis Court and other Athletic Fields Refinishing

sports athletic court refinishing las vegasHaving a basketball or tennis court can be a nice addition to your home and it can also increase its value.That’s why it’s extremely important that you take the proper steps to maintain a nice and uniform surface.

You should practice normal maintenance that is recommended for most concrete areas, but there are times where you’ll come across damages that just can’t be remedied with ordinary maintenance. In these types of situations it’s best to contact a concrete resurfacing specialist in order to repair as well as extend the life of your basketball or tennis surface areas.

What Type of Care is required for Concrete Basketball Courts & Tennis Courts?

Most of the maintenance required for concrete basketball and tennis courts is just sweeping and basic cleaning. It is recommended that you take a few minutes once every week to fully clear off any plant material that may have accumulated on your surface area. This will ensure that your area doesn’t take on any discoloration and it will also ensure that there are no hazardous objects that could results in tripping or slipping.

What is the Recommended Long-Term Maintenance?

While you always want to maintain light maintenance on your basketball or tennis court, there are situations where you will have to seek professional service done. It is recommended that you have your concrete surface areas pressure cleaned once every one or two years. You should also have your courts resurfaced every 4 to five years to ensure that they are able to hold up structurally. This will extend the life of your courts and also ensure that they are free from much more serious damage.

What Can You Expect from Concrete Resurfacing?

If you’ve began noticing small cracks or other minor imperfections in your concrete basketball or tennis courts, it’s a good idea to consult a professional to remedy these problematic areas. A professional will patch these areas and apply acrylic resurface materials. Once they are applied new paint can be applied as well. This will greatly improve the appearance of your areas as well as ensure that there is no long term damage. It’s recommended that you have this type of resurfacing done very 4 to 5 years.

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