Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, NV: Reliable Options for Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

There are different situations where you may need concrete resurfacing services, especially if you are from Las Vegas NV. Surface areas that have suffered damage, as well as cosmetic flaws, can be properly repaired and fully restructured in order to look great without sacrificing structural integrity.

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

concrete resurfacing las vegasWhen your concrete surface area is faced with the damage that is caused by wear and tear or other issues, you have two options; having all new concrete poured or utilizing resurfacing. Many homeowners in Las Vegas NV resort to the so-called concrete resurfacing.

Concrete resurfacing is the preferred option because it is far more affordable than pouring new concrete but it’s also extremely durable. A special bonding agent will be applied to the damaged area and it will create a new top layer over the surface area. This allows you to have all of the benefits of a new slab.

Perks of Resurfacing Concrete

  • It requires very little labor as well as materials, making it an affordable option.
  • This process hides flawed areas and also repairs cosmetic imperfections.
  • The new surface will be durable and you can also choose from a number of designs that can give your space a beautiful makeover.
  • A resurfaced concrete space helps increase your property value and also reinforces the structural integrity of your surface areas.

When is Concrete Resurfacing Appropriate?

Concrete resurfacing should be used for surface areas that have minor cosmetic flaws as well as small cracks and imperfections. If your current surface area happens to have major damage that includes very large cracks or other imperfections it’s not recommended that you use resurfacing for repair. You should be certain that your surfaces are free from oil spills and other stains before having resurfacing services. This will ensure that the resurfacing materials will properly bond.

Top Decorative Concrete Coatings and Overlays for Resurfacing Projects

stamped concrete resurfacing

Stamped Concrete – This is one of the most decorative concrete patio resurfacing options. It is also often used on driveways, walkways, and other outdoor surfaces.

The overlay is stamped with a pattern or design of your choice. It can even be designed to look like real stone, brick, or pavers.

concrete resurfacing las vegasSpray Knockdown Texture – Unlike other concrete overlays, this is sprayed on the slab instead of poured. The splattered spray texture material is then troweled to knock it down and give it that textured look.

This is a popular option in resurfacing a concrete pool deck but it can be used on other outdoor surfaces as well.

epoxy flooring las vegasEpoxy Flooring – This is a two-part material often used on garage floors. While it is durable, resistant to damage, seamless, and affordable, it is quite sensitive to UV rays. It is highly recommended by epoxy flooring contractors in Las Vegas NV for optimum results.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This is a bit more expensive than other concrete coatings because it is a fast-drying material. It was originally developed for use on industrial floors but is now available for residential and commercial use.

How much does it cost to resurface concrete surfaces?

It is not a secret that having a resurfaced driveway, pool deck, or patio is a more affordable option than replacing the slab or using high-end materials. The costs may vary, however, based on certain influential factors. Each of the different decorative concrete coatings cost differently. The size of the job plays a huge role especially since all projects are quoted per square foot. The level of surface preparation, whether it involves tedious cleaning or repairs, may incur additional charges. Customizing the coating or overlay will also influence the total costs.

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