Commercial Flooring Las Vegas, NV: Highly Recommended Concrete Services for Business Properties

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Las Vegas commercial flooring is as important as the business itself. Although customers are more interested in the product or service being offered, floors make an impact. And they could make or break the future of your company. One dilemma business owners face is how expensive commercial floors are. Now, they don’t have to worry about that. With experienced, fast, friendly, and local services, Decorative commercial concrete is here to change everything for the better.

Benefits Of Decorative Concrete For Commercial Flooring Use

Decorative Concrete

It makes use of the existing concrete slabs, restoring its use, improving its function, and enhancing its overall appeal and value.

Resurfacing Or Refinishing

Surfaces are more affordable than replacing the concrete or topping it off with high-end materials like tile, stone, brick, and more.

Coatings And Overlays

Coatings and overlays can enhance slip-resistance, protect the existing slab, and extend its lifespan.

No matter how intricate the design, resurfaced, and refinishing surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

Where Can Decorative Commercial Concrete Las Vegas Be Installed?

Las Vegas commercial concrete flooring finishes need to be high-performance, durable, and visually appealing in order to entice new customers and keep regular ones. Here are some commercial establishments that could benefit from decorative concrete

Multi-family / Apartments

Each apartment unit have similar floors as a residential home, such as interior floors, patios, pool decks, and more. Ideal coatings are stamped overlay, stained concrete, a knockdown texture, epoxy flooring, and polyurea polyaspartic.

Industrial Floors

Polyurea floor coating is specially designed for industrial use, such as warehouses, factories, and the like. Epoxy floor coating is an ideal alternative.

Polyurea used in a warehouse flooring

City Government Facilities

Whether it is a public library, hospital, city hall, or any other government facility, decorative concrete would be such a big but inexpensive solution for old and damaged floors.

White floor and bed in a hospital facility

Stadiums / Athletic Facilities

Olympic swimming pools will definitely benefit from a knockdown texture. It makes the deck slip-resistant, cooler, and more durable. Epoxy and polyaspartic are great coatings for stadiums and other sports facilities.

HOA (Community Pool, Office Building)

Properties managed by Homeowners Associations are often built and remodeled based on a strict set of policies. Decorative concrete would definitely meet HOA standards.

Empty building with a city view

Hotels & Resorts (Hospitality)

Of all commercial establishments, the floors in hotels and resorts are probably the ones that have to be very decorative. Acid stains would make any lobby luxurious. A stamped concrete driveway will definitely enhance the appeal of a hotel even from far away.

Country Clubs

Exclusive country club members deserve floors that look and function more than they expect it to. Although country clubs have the money to install high-end paving and flooring materials, an affordable alternative will definitely be more practical and sustainable.

Property Management Companies

Property managers are always on the quest for remodeling solutions that do not break their budgets. Decorative concrete is affordable. It does not compromise the need for durable and appearance

Modern office

Improve your business with decorative commercial concrete. Transform those dull & boring commercial flooring into interesting new ones! Work with a trusted and reliable concrete contractor in Las Vegas NV now! Call us at (702) 979-7722 for a free consultation and estimate. We also cater to residential flooring services.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is a trusted construction project and services team in Nevada specializing in resurfacing, refinishing, repair, and stamped concrete. We are a reliable and experienced contractor that can transform a dull commercial space into a work of art, providing outstanding results in the field of concrete foundations.


Our skilled and licensed professionals, along with our team of reputable companies and contractors, have over 20+ years of experience in the industry. We have successfully dealt with both commercial and residential concrete surfaces, both indoors and out, ensuring high-quality outcomes for every job.


It is our primary goal to deliver quality solutions at a reasonable price, ensuring customer satisfaction. If you have a concrete resurfacing project in mind, don’t hesitate to call us today and request a free in-home consultation and quote.

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