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Patio ResurfacingDid you know that concrete staining can restore the damage that the harsh Nevada wind and rain did to your patio and can prolong its beauty and quality? Those tiny little cracks on the surface and the flaking that you see from your old sealant can make you feel so ashamed that you stop entertaining and inviting over friends. When you work with us here at Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, you won’t want to wait before throwing your next party.

 Staining Solutions

Many people think of Summerlin, NV as the perfect getaway. They think of the warm temperatures and the dry heat without realizing that the area does receive a high level of rain each year. Even during a dryer season, you might still see damage to your pool deck. With our products, we can restore your space to its best look, but we also recommend the product for those interested in updating the look of a driveway or entryway. Once you pick a solution, we can get to work. You can choose from our water based stains, solvent based stains or acid stained concrete.

Summerlin, NV Locals Can Call Today

No matter where you live in the Summerlin area, you can contact us for help. We work in Silverado Ranch, Anthem and other cities and neighborhoods in the area every day. Our customers know that our products make their homes look better and increase the value of those homes too. You can use our products on your pool deck, patio, driveway, entryway and on dozens of other surfaces. Making an appointment to get our concrete staining solutions on a surface in your lawn or garden is as easy as filling out the contact form on our site or calling (702) 979-7722.

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