Give A Welcoming Impression To Your Home With A Great Driveway & Entryway

A cracked and chipped walkway or entryway is hard to ignore when you drive home. Concrete resurfacing is the best solution to your problems, and our well-trained installers are more than happy to help treat your home surfaces. 

We offer the products that you need to restore the look of those surfaces at an affordable price.

Gray stained driveway with ashlar slate stamp

Why Pick Acrylic Cement Coating?

We offer a type of acrylic cement coating that can restore any type of concrete surface. Not only can you use it on your concrete driveway resurfacing project, but you can also use it on your patio or pool deck. 

Our product acts as both a coating and a sealant, which means that it will block out the water your kids splash out of your pool and keep the rain from reaching the inside of those cement surfaces too.

Concrete Resurfacing Services

Here at Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, we want you to call us to learn more about our great products. 

Whether you live in Summerlin, NV, the Anthem neighborhood, or another neighborhood in the Henderson, NV area, we can help you change the look of your home. Our acrylic cement coating is completely customizable. 

You can select a color that works with your favorite plants, a shade that matches the trim on your home, or any other color you can imagine. 

We also let you pick a texture that can instantly update your pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway, or even entryway. Learn more about our services by calling us directly at (702) 979-7722.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas
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