Concrete Stamping & Stamped Overlays in Spring Valley, NV

Spring Valley stamped overlaySpring Valley, NV, is home to celebrities, sports stars and Clark County’s leading stamped concrete contractor. Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas has been installing decorative stone and realistic woodwork in this area of Las Vegas for more than three decades. The process is affordable, requires no teardown or haul-away and can be completed in less than a week, even for large jobs. It’s no wonder why so many homes and businesses have chosen colored stamped concrete over actual slate, limestone, brick or teak.

With most of Spring Valley having been built during the past 40 years, your concrete is ready to fail, if it hasn’t already. Years of foot traffic and punishing heat have likely taken their toll on your driveway, entryway, sidewalk, patio and pool deck. Concrete stamping patterns and colors let you revive these surfaces while giving you control over their end appearance. Forget the standard gray; go with a style that accents your building and landscaping. We work on rural estates, subdivisions and strip malls nearly every day in the southwestern Las Vegas Valley.

No matter what options you choose, the basic concrete stamping process remains the same. Skilled craftsmen spread a high-tech polymer over your existing slab. After the material has hardened sufficiently, the team applies a mold to form the texture of authentic stone or wood. Then, they spray a series of stains to bring the project to life. Finally, the crew adds a clear sealant, which reduces maintenance and keeps your new surface protected for years.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is accepting new commercial and residential clients. Don’t wait for your floors to crumble before discovering why the Better Business Bureau continues to grant our firm their highest honors. Dial (702) 979-7722 right now to request your free, no-obligation quote on stamped concrete overlays.

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