Cement Staining Techniques That Embellishes Any Space

South Summerlin, NV Concrete Acid StainConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, serving South Summerlin, NV, creates beautiful indoor and outdoor surfaces using concrete staining techniques. Our artisans use three types of stains separately or together to achieve unique looks for our customers. A wide variety of colors, patterns and designs are available, and our stains can be combined with scoring and other techniques as well.

Our acid stain solution is sprayed onto the cement surface. The solution reacts chemically to bond with the cement, creating a permanent dye. Unlike many decorative treatments, it cannot peel or crack because it is bonded directly to the cement. The acid used in this coloring system creates a translucent appearance.

We also use, a staining solution that is both water and acetone soluble. When applied with water, it creates a mottled look. Acetone use in application creates a darker mo`notone appearance. It dries quickly used either way and is a popular solution for customers on a budget who wish to enhance the look of interior cement flooring.

Our water-based stain can be used to treat cement or cement overlays. Unlike acid stains, this product can be layered to provide unique color combinations and designs. Looks achieved with this coloring product enhance the appearance of showrooms, offices and restaurants. They are also ideal for basements in private homes.

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