Acrlyic Cement Coating Summerlin, NV – Installations That Heighten Your Home’s Features

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas works with South Summerlin, NV’s residents to install acrylic cement coating on various surfaces. Our installers use this coating to resurface pool decks, patios, and driveways.

Pool coping custom scoreline

This protective coating creates an attractive finish that makes maintenance of entryways and walkways a breeze.

The acrylic cement coating that we install remains cooler to the touch in direct sunlight than traditional concrete. Our workers can combine it with several different decorative effects, including masonry, aggregate, and Tuscan looks.

The product comes in many colors and designs to match any customer’s decorating preference.

Our acrylic cool deck coating creates a protective barrier against oils, chemicals, and other spills that can compromise the integrity of a concrete surface. They also make surfaces easier to clean.

These coatings are also slip resistant, making them a safe option for pool decks, entryways, and other outdoor living areas.

To learn more about Acrylic Cement Coating Summerlin, NV from Concrete Resurfacing, take the time to peruse this site and our gallery. You’ll find more information and photos of many of our local projects.

To get a free quote on your own resurfacing project, call and talk to a representative at (702) 979-7722. We look forward to helping you enjoy your outdoor cement surfaces year-round, even when the hot Nevada sun scorches traditional concrete patios and driveways.

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