Silverado Ranch, NV Pool Deck Refinishing

Silverado Ranch, NV pool deckConcete Resurfacing Las Vegas provides Silverado Ranch, NV with the pool deck refinishing that residential and commercial owners need. Our team has the tools, equipment and knowledge to get all the work completed.

When the deck of your pool needs to be refinished, we are ready to be of assistance. We use a high quality non-slip concrete pool deck coating to give you a slip-free pool surface. Using this type of coating will give you the protection that you want for your family while enjoying their pool moments.

We spend countless hours in providing an excellent service to people around the area.  We welcome your ideas and thoughts depending on the look you want for your pool deck . You can choose a specific template or a stencil to further enhance and increase the visual appeal of your outdoor area. The results of our work will surely increase the property value of a business or home.

Call us at 702-979-7722 for a free estimate. We are here to do the pool deck refinishing that you need.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas
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