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concrete drivewayAt Concrete Resurfacing, we are proud to offer innovative solutions in driveway refinishing and remodeling for your home in Silverado Ranch, NV. As one of the top local concrete driveway contractors, we use acrylic cement coating in our work, an excellent product for repairing cracks and other defects in your existing drive or outdoor areas while providing a new surface. There’s no need for expensive concrete removal and replacement when our surfacing solutions allow your existing material to be treated to achieve a beautiful appearance and a cooler-to-touch quality that can be especially beneficial during the hot summers in the community.

You may have an idea for a unique finish to your existing drive. We could also provide you with plenty of inspiration as we show you a variety of completed projects ranging from basic colors and aggregate finishes to elaborate tiled effects. You may be surprised to discover that these effects can be accomplished much more quickly and more affordable than in a poured, architectural concrete project. In fact, your outside area can reflect the quality and curb appeal of properties that have used more complicated methods. At the same time, your project timing and cost can be minimized.

Our team is available to assist in evaluating your property in Silverado Ranch as we put together an estimate for your project. You can get started by requesting an appointment by means of our online form. You can also email us at or email our office at (702) 979-7722 for more information about driveway refinishing and remodeling options.

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