Pool Deck Repair in Green Valley,NV

green valley, nv pool deck repairConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is the company to go to for pool deck refinishing in the Green Valley neighborhood of Henderson, NV. With acrylic cement coating, the ultimate in pool deck coating, we can provide a slip-free surface to your new or existing pool deck. Since we experience a lot of sunny Las Vegas days, we want to have a durable and useful concrete pool surface.

Complete Poolside Resurfacing
With a feel that is cooler than concrete, acrylic coating can resurface your new or old existing sun deck.  It also provides a beautiful, non-slip surface. A uniquely beautiful decor statement is accomplished through your choice of colors and designs.

We can reseal a pool deck that is still in good condition. Whatever the brand is, resealing and recoloring will enhance it and make it look like new.

Worn Concrete Can Be Resurfaced
Cracked and chipped concrete can receive a decorative concrete overlay to make the area have a whole new surface.

We are your go-to company in the Green Valley, NV area for refinishing, resealing, and resurfacing.  Acrylic cement coating is  a non slip concrete pool deck coating that is of premier quality to beautify your decor and make your pool a place to entertain friends and loved ones. Call us for a free estimate at (702) 979-7722.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas
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