Pool Deck Coating in Whitney Ranch, NV

Pool deck coating Whitney Ranch, NVConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas offers concrete pool deck coatings in the Whitney Ranch, NV area. We provide expert installations of pool area sealants and total resurfacing installations using acrylic cement coating.

Some pool deck areas have a previous installation of a sealant and color treatment. We restore and improve faded prior installations with a new surface coat depending on the customer’s choice of colors. This is a convenient way to improve the appearance of an outdoor area. We also repair old or worn surfaces by restoring cracked, split, or chipped surfaces. We use high quality sealant products and skillful installation techniques.

For a complete makeover of a poolside deck, we use acrylic cement coating. This remarkable product solves the problems of wet traction and overheated concrete surfaces. The textured layers diffuse and dampen heat to reduce surface temperatures. In the total resurfacing process, we repair cracks, splits and fill in chipped areas. The repaired lines become part of the rich mosaic pattern of the textured treatment. They disappear in plain view among lines and patterns. Customers can choose colors and other design elements.The overall result is an eye-catching beauty.

We, the staff at Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, welcome the opportunity to answer questions about our pool deck coatings. We provide detailed product information and gladly show how our expert installations add value, function, and safety to pool areas and outdoor living spaces. Please call at (702) 979-7722 or contact us here at the website to request quotes and to arrange for inspections and a free estimate. Do not delay, call or use our contact form today.

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