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Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas creates beautiful outdoor living spaces with an amazing acrylic cement coating. For homeowners and business owners, get ready to renovate your plain pool deck, patio, driveway, entryway or walkway into a gorgeous designer floor! We are a full-service concrete contractor in Paradise, NV with years of experience in decorative concrete services.

Refinishing, Resurfacing & Repair with Acrylic Cement Coating

1. Concrete Resurfacing – One of our most requested services for old or new concrete spaces is concrete resurfacing with acrylic cement coating. This extremely durable cement coating creates a slip-resistant surface that is very comfortable to walk on in bare feet. Design your perfect floor from our wide variety of textures, colors and patterns or upgrade with extra applications such as Tuscan designs, masonry or aggregate effects.

2. Concrete Refinishing – Do you already have a decorative coating that needs to be refinished? Our professional team knows how to update the original color before resealing the coating for a fabulous new finish.

3. Concrete Repair – Cracks, chips and flakes in a concrete’s surface is unsightly and potentially unsafe. Let us help you repair those damaged areas and resurface the entire floor for a pleasing appearance. Moreover, our acrylic coating protects your concrete from dirt, oil or chemical spills penetrating through the coating’s surface. In the long run, you’ll be saving a lot of money and time on additional maintenance costs.

If you’re ready to invest in improving your property with our acrylic decking services & solutions, then contact Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas today. You can reach us by phone at (702) 979-7722 for a free estimate or browse our website for more information on our products and services.

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