Flexible Concrete Floor Installations

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas offers expert stamped concrete installations in North Las Vegas, NV. Las Vegas homeowners can enjoy the look and feel of high-end traditional materials like brick, stone, slate, and tile at a fraction of the costs.

Multiple colored cobblestone stamped concrete entryway

These low-maintenance stamped finishes require little maintenance compared to man-made and natural applications. Owners can order a favorite finish in a custom color and style. Customization makes designing and matching decor much simpler and more efficient.

We can install stamped finishes over new or old cement surfaces. Flexible installation is an important feature of a stamped finish because it avoids the costs and delays needed to tear out an old slab and build a new one.

We can repair old surfaces and prepare them with a thorough cleaning to make a solid foundation for our high-quality flexible overlay. Once set, we stamp the owner’s preferred pattern on the overlay. We add texture and stamped concrete colors as the stamped overlay sets and hardens.

We complete the installation with a protective clear coat. This system is an ideal application for patios, pool decks, driveways, and entryways.

At Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, we urge area residents to call and write about our excellent stamped concrete services. We combine repairs and installation services to create customized, economical, and durable finishes.

To get price information on work planned for your commercial or residential location, please fill out a request for quote form here. For questions about products and services and to arrange a free estimate, please call (702) 979-7722. We are waiting to answer all inquiries. Customer service is a top priority. Please call or fill out a request for a quote today.

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