Long-Lasting Concrete Floor Coating Against Weather Damage

North Las Vegas, NV Concrete Floor ResurfacingConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas offers skilled concrete resurfacing on outdoor and indoor spaces in North Las Vegas, NV. With years of successful installations in the warm and pleasant Nevada community, we can offer services tailored to the customer’s situation. Bare cement surfaces can crack, split, and flake due the effects of heat, pollution, humidity, and rain. We can improve the appearance or ordinary surfaces with our high-quality acrylic cement coating. We can add rich colors and long-lasting protection against weather damage. This treatment improves the appearance and adds years of service.

For older sealed installations, we recommend a like-new look with our refinishing services. We will re-tint the area and re-seal it for long-term protection. For total re-surfacing and a complete makeover for any outdoor area, we recommend acrylic cement coating. Owners can customize the look of choice including high-end materials like stone or slate. In addition to the eye-catching appeal, the treatment improves footing in wet conditions and mutes surface heat build-up. Ideal for entryways and driveways, the classic layers, resist chemical spills and block soaked in oil stains.

At Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, we welcome calls and questions from North Nevada residents about our expert concrete resurfacing services. Please call  for more information on products and services. We are waiting to arrange free estimates. To get price information on work at any location in the area, please fill out a request for quote form here. Customer service is a top priority. We look forward to working with area homeowners. Please call or fill out a request for quote today.

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