Variegated Colors To Bring Your Outdoors To Life

North Las Vegas, NV Outdoor Floor StainingConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas creates gorgeous flooring surfaces with a variety of concrete staining techniques. Our coloring options include three different systems that can be used alone, combined with one another, or paired with stamping and other cement treatments. Our artisans consult with each individual customer to understand the desired look, and our custom flooring options include something to match any décor style and preference.

Our water-based stain, can be layered for a variety of hues. We have added a highly adhesive promoter to this pigmented blend that gives this product a durability not often found in water-based coloring products. This versatile stain looks great in restaurants, residential basements, offices and garages.

We also offer a  staining solution for your North Las Vegas home  that is soluble in both water and acetone. Our artisans use water for a lighter, more variegated appearance and acetone for a darker, even color. This quick-drying solution can be used alone or combined with acid stain for custom flooring alternatives.

Concrete acid stain is sprayed onto the cement surface and then neutralized with a water application. This process results in a chemical reaction that physically bonds the color to the cement. Because of this, SunAcid cannot crack or peel away from the cement flooring the way many competitors’ products will.

To receive more information about cement staining from Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas, email us or fill out the handy Request-a-Quote Form in this page. For your own free quote, you may also call us at (702) 979-7722.

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