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Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas offers patio refinishing services in the Henderson, NV area. We feature concrete surface refinishing with acrylic cement coating. With years of experience meeting customer needs in the region, our skilled installers can improve the function and appearance of any concrete surface. We can tailor our services to meet customer requirements from improving an existing surface treatment to a complete transformation.

concrete patio henderson

Henderson, NV area residents enjoy mild temperatures and an abundance of bright sunny days on a year around basis. This fabulous weather encourages the use of outdoor recreation and living spaces. We can improve any untreated concrete area with resurfacing services. This process will include making surface repairs and applying a high quality protective surface. For surfaces that have an old and worn surface-treatment, we can reseal the area and give it a new appearance in the customer’s choice of colors.

To give an area a dramatic makeover, we recommend acrylic concrete patio overlay.  This high-quality application will blend in surface repairs into a random pattern of decorative lines with colors and rich textures. This incredible product protects against overheated surfaces in addition to improving traction in wet or dry conditions. This will add appeal and improve function of any concrete surface.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is eager to answer calls and inquiries about its patio refinishing services. We invite area residents to call (702) 979-7722 for a free estimate, or on the Internet to fill in the contact form.
We have courteous professional staff standing-by to provide detailed information, arrange inspections and free estimates. Please call or contact us today.

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