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Are your floors in need of a major makeover? Over time, conventional flooring options such as tiles, concrete, or vinyl can become lackluster, scratched, and worn out. These floors not only dampen the overall aesthetics of your space but also pose maintenance challenges. With the constant foot traffic, spills, and wear and tear, it’s easy to see why frustration sets in. Additionally, outdated flooring choices can limit your creativity and style options, leaving you feeling stuck in a design rut.

At Epoxy Flooring Henderson, NV, we have the perfect solution to address all your flooring concerns. Our epoxy flooring systems offer a range of benefits that make them the ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces alike.  

Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Process

Although epoxy kits are available for DIY use, it is highly recommended to let a pro deal with it. It is quite a hard material to work with and it requires careful surface preparation beforehand. Here is a glimpse of how it is installed:

Step 1: The concrete floor is inspected and prepared. It is tested for moisture issues and minor cracks and dents are filled in and repaired. The entire floor is also cleaned to make adhesion more effective.

Step 2: The two parts, resin and hardener, are blended together and the first coating is poured and spread using a roller brush.

Step 3: If you choose to incorporate some micro paint chips for a terrazzo effect, you may fill the entire floor and sweep off the excess once the initial coat has dried.

Step 4: A second coating is applied to hold the paint chips together and to give the floor a seamless finish.

How Much Does Epoxy Flooring Cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to epoxy coatings in Las Vegas, Nevada. It offers such huge benefits that property owners may think it would cost a lot. However, it is quite a cost-effective solution.

The total epoxy flooring cost will be greatly influenced by several factors, such as how wide or large the size is in the area.

Other factors include the amount of surface preparation or repairs needed prior to installation and any other custom services requested by professionals to make the epoxy flooring unique.

Transform your space with premium epoxy floors! Get your free consultation and discover durable, beautiful solutions. Enhance your surroundings today!

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We specialize in epoxy flooring solutions that address a wide range of issues. Whether you need staining, polishing, sealing, or restoration services in various colors, we have you covered.

 Our skilled professional contractor team can also tackle joint filling, leveling, grinding, and the meticulous application of removing damaged, worn, ugly, discolored, cracked, chipped, and peeling surfaces. Don’t wait any longer to experience the seamless perfection and unmatched durability of epoxy flooring. 

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