High-Quality Concrete Installation For Driveway

A lot of Henderson, NV residents hate getting out of their cars in the driveway during the hot summer heat, but we at Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas can use our driveway refinishing system to apply a textured coating that keeps it cooler and looking new. 

The textured coating designed for driveways makes it easy for homeowners to keep their cars parked outside while the rest of the family uses the garage to keep cool when the sun is high and the day is hot.

Multiple colored cobblestone stamped concrete entryway

The textured acrylic coating insulates the concrete and prevents it from absorbing the energy and heat of the midday sun in Henderson. 

You can park your car outside and not have to feel the heat rising from a driveway when people get in and out. That also means there is less heat for the rest of the family to deal with during the long and very hot summers in the Las Vegas Valley.

Driveway resurfacing will do more than just make it cooler. When people notice small cracks and chips forming, those imperfections can get worse as they are exposed to water and extreme heat. 

But the acrylic coating fills in smaller imperfections and seals them off. Homeowners can’t tell where the cracks and chips were, so it’s like having a new driveway without paying the high cost of having new concrete poured. 

Besides, the non-slip textured surface helps people keep their footing when it is wet. The driveway is safer, looks better, feels cooler, and makes a home worth more. 

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