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Driveway Resurfacing ContractorsConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas offers driveway crack repair and refinishing to the residents of Green Valley in Henderson, NV. Our use of acrylic cement coating allows us to address issues like cracks, color inconsistencies, and other cosmetic concerns as we place a surface that can offer simple or more elaborate visual effects to enhance your property. In addition to cosmetic factors, our products and services enable you to make your outside concrete safer and more comfortable for those who will walk on the areas to be refinished as our materials are much cooler to the touch than traditional concrete finishes.

You don’t have to settle for the typical gray finish that is so common to the walkways and drives in the community and neighborhoods of Henderson. The advances in architectural concrete may seem intricate and costly, but our acrylic coating allows us to provide you with architectural effects at a fraction of the cost of an architectural pour. Our process includes filling of ugly cracks and the creation of an attractive area. You can settle for basic colors or simple effects if this is your preference. However, our refinishing projects can also include stamp and stain effects to create a brick or cobblestone look in your drive. Contrasting colors can be used to increase the level of detail. The possibilities are endless.

Our team of specialists is available to provide an estimate for driveway refinishing and repair at your convenience. You can have the outdoor decor that you long for as we service your home in Green Valley. Call our office at (702) 979-7722 or send an email to for an appointment today.

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