Professional Acrylic Cement Coating Installers

Green Valley, NV Concrete PatioConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is able to provide the people of Green Valley, NV with a beautiful acrylic cement coating. This knock down spray coating is intended for use on surfaces like a pool deck, driveway, and entryway. After our specialists have applied the new surface coating, it provides a fantastic look that will last for a long time.

We understand that tear and wear on a patio or walkway can causes chips, flakes, and cracks to appear. While these types of blemishes are irritating, our specialists are experienced in removing these types of problems. When this is accomplished, we apply the acrylic coating to give a new look.

Some of our customers do not need a surface to be completely redone. Instead, they need it to be resealed. Specialists on our team clean the surface and then refinish it. If colors have faded, we take the time to recolor an area or multiple areas to make it look new and blend it with other sections of the surface.

Keep in mind that the acrylic cement coating keeps oils, dirt, and other liquids from penetrating the coating. It is economical and can reduce the possibility of an individual slipping. Customers tell us that the new surface is cooler than the old surface.

People of Green Valley, NV are welcome to visit our website that provides more information about the acrylic cement coating that we use on exterior cement surfaces. We welcome phone calls from interested parties who may have specific questions about our services. We provide free estimates on the work we do. Contact us at (702) 979-7722 or simply fill in our request quote form here in our page.

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