Boulder City,NV Patio Refinishing: Acylic Cement Coating

Boulder City, NV Patio

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas.provides patio refinishing services in the Boulder City, NV area. We offer skilled repairs and installations at business or residential locations featuring high quality protective coatings. We take pride in providing durable, safe and attractive improvements.

With years of successful deck and poolside work in the region, we can recommend products and services to meet customer needs. Our skilled installers can improve  untreated concrete surface by applying protective coating. This will enhance the appearance of the area and protect it against the extremes of heat and sun, which can damage porous surfaces. If there is a prior installation, we can reseal it and replace the old or worn surface with a like-new finish.

For a complete resurfacing and a total makeover of an outdoor living space, we recommend acrylic cement coating. This advanced acrylic product will help keep surface temperatures cooler in intense sun and heat, and will provide excellent traction in wet or dry conditions. We offer a free estimate in the Boulder City area.

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas welcomes calls and inquiries from area residents about our outstanding line of concrete patio resurfacing products and expert installations and repairs. Please call (702) 979-7722 to arrange a free estimate; we have courteous and knowledgeable staff standing-by to assist all orders. Please visit our company website for more information. Homeowners can fill out a contact form or request a quote. Our commitment to excellent customer service begins with the first call or online contact, please call or email today.

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