Acrylic Cement Coating for Driveway Remodeling

Stamped concrete overlay in a residential driveway

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas  helps you with your driveway refinishing or remodeling needs. Overtime, the surface can start to form cracks or chips that can bring down the value of the surface or its looks. 

We can help give your existing surface or cracked concrete driveway a brand new look. We assist those in Boulder City,NV and surrounding areas with both residential homes and commercial properties. 

Our professionals understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time. For the coating of the surface, we use acrylic cement coating. 

This overlay can be put on during extreme weather conditions which is perfect no matter what season it is. The surface  also stays cool to the touch and is smooth to walk on. 

It helps protect the surface so that it will always look new even for several years. We guarantee this product and the way it works. 

We have a request for more info form available here in our site. If you are ready to have your driveway refinishing or remodeling job started in Boulder City or surrounding areas, be sure to contact us today at (702)979-7722 for your free estimate. 

We can schedule you for service right away.

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