Invest In Resistant Driveway Overlay

Driveway Flooring OptionsConcrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is pleased to offer driveway overlay refinishing for your home in Anthem, NV. We can assist with issues such as cracked concrete, uneven spots, and other cosmetic problems without the cost of removing your existing material to pour new concrete. Rather, as we resurface your outside concrete, we use acrylic cement coating to create a new finish that is attractive and cooler to the touch, excellent for the Southern Nevada climate.

Our use of acrylic coating allows you to think beyond the typical gray finish of so many concrete features in the neighborhood of Anthem, NV. You can achieve architectural effects without facing the high costs of pouring new concrete. Your surface can be ready for use quickly, and installation can be completed at your convenience. You may love simple effects for outside decor, and we offer basic coatings in single colors or simple aggregate blends. However, you may love the idea of a cobblestone drive, something that can be achieved with our finishes and techniques as well. We are available to work with you to achieve a unique look that you have already envisioned. We can also provide you with a portfolio of completed projects to consider for inspiration.

It’s easy to get started with your concrete driveway overlay & refinishing today. You can contact our team at (702) 979-7722 to schedule an estimate. You can also complete our online form to get the process started or simply send an email to

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