Concrete Entryway Ideas to Recreate Your Home and Business Areas

Make heads turn when people see an awesome concrete entryway at your business areas and homes. How should you design your properties’ facades or entrances? Many decorative concrete ideas out in the market that can get you excited. You may be overwhelmed as you go ahead and browse decorative concrete pictures online.

The neutral shades of grey outdoor floors look stunning when they are polished, flawless, and feel even under the feet. Making the concrete driveways and entryways a head-turner does not have to use complicated patterns. Now, browse today’s post for you to choose awesome concrete entryway ideas for your homes and business areas.

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5 Classic and Contemporary Ideas to Recreate Your Concrete Entryway 

Facades and entryways are what people first step into when going to your properties. The exterior will start looking fresh and appealing with polished surfaces. Balance classic look and practical use of concrete entryways with these cool ideas.

1- Classic Look of Concrete Steps

Create natural aesthetics to your exterior with stamped concrete floors. Stamped overlay patterns mimic the look of wood, stone, and slate. Creating a natural look for outdoor surfaces is easy on the eye.

Stamped designs make that traditional look exterior floorings. With stamping, you can also use it as an overlay on existing concrete flooring, so you will not have to remove an entire set of slabs if damages appear on the concrete surfaces.

2- Awesome Winding Concrete Pathways 

Creative dimension and perspective using curved edges. These will make a winding pathway towards your front door. S-shaped concrete entryways add an aesthetic that departs from a standard linear flooring. 

You can add more style to the concrete flooring by matching it with linear stamped designs like slate patterns. Or make bold geometric shapes with random slate or cobblestone stamped overlays.

3 – Remodel with Retaining Concrete Wall

A retaining wall acts as a double purpose for designing your entryways. One is that it saves cost and time to use up soil and make a pant box. Second, it adds a look that gives an illusion of space to your properties by adding a leveled steps and a solid display of a wall.

4 – Pathways and Lights

There are many fantastic ideas to add light to your patios, concrete driveways, and entryways. Setting up LED lights on the edge of the entryways function both as safety for walking in the night and aesthetic appeal.

It also adds to the appeal when you use wooden frames to enclose the lighting. The light and silhouettes combined to create different patterns and designs as the beams of light touch the concrete floors.

5 – Concrete Steps Paired with Cantilevers

A concrete entryway will look spacious and floating when you structured it with cantilever beams. The cantilever for the concrete floorings also has two purposes. Cantilever steps provide support for the concrete; also, the structure adds a distinct design as flooring makes a layered design. 

A stamped concrete pattern on the surface suits the design of an entryway with layering steps.

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Concrete steps are durable and long-lasting. So, make sure that you design it with style, especially for your properties’ entryways. The above listed five ideas that you can easily do with a professional concrete contractor Las Vegas. Or, start planning with an expert in the industry for you to find out more options.

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