How To Pull Off Dark Interior Floors

Going the dark side when it comes to interior flooring is more than a bold design statement. It’s a way of pushing boundaries when it comes to color choices and going against the conventional. When you opt for dark interior flooring, you completely reinvent the look and feel of the entire space. All-white interiors may have taken over the interior design world for the past few years but more and more designers are diving into inky hues. In this article, we give you tips on how to pull off dark flooring for your next interior design project.

Slate for a Sleek Look

Slate is known for its coaxing charcoal hue. It comes in a grooved surface that can be sanded smooth depending on your preference. Natural slate tiles are a popular option for interior floors. However, these can be quite expensive when they are not locally available in an area and accessibility can be an issue. An alternative to this is installing stamped concrete overlays to mimic the look and texture of natural slate.

Dazzle with Hardwood Flooring

Another great option when going dark is to p for dark hardwood floors. This can be achieved with teak hardwood, oak, cherry or dark walnut flooring. The dark variations in these types of wood can elevate the charm of any area. A benefit to installing dark hardwood floors is they are less likely to fade compared to light variations. This also means that you won’t have to refinish your flooring as frequently.


Enchanting Metallic Epoxy Floors

If you want to take dark interior floors to the next level, metallic epoxy coating is your best option. Metallic epoxy can be applied to achieve as smokey almost three-dimensional look like no other. The fine metallic pigments give it a unique lustrous shine. It can also be applied to achieve a marbled effect. Choose inky colors like gunmetal gray or navy blue combines with fine shimmer for a dramatic look.

Dark floors a grand statement for those who love to be bold when it comes to interior design. For those who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and go out of the ordinary. If you want to experience chic concrete floors that never go out of style consider decorative concrete. It will help you achieve a fully customized concrete surface with applications such as concrete staining, stampable overlays and epoxy coatings. Feel free to visit our homepage to know more.


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