To Paint Or Not To Paint: Pros And Cons Of Painting A Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete surfaces can be dull and dingy; nothing is attractive about that. Swimming on a pool deck surrounded by a plain concrete pool deck can be quite disconcerting. Sure, it can be made more attractive with the addition of tile or stone, but not everyone can afford that. One feasible option is painting the pool deck. But how effective is it, really? Here are the pros and cons of painting a concrete pool deck.

Red stained residential pool deck

Why Painting the Concrete Pool Deck is A-OK

  • Paint comes in virtually any color. From pastels to earthy tones, the selection is just amazing. If you have a specific hue or tone, a paint expert can concoct a special mix for you.
  • Concrete paint can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces, so pool decks are qualified.
  • Paint is an effective pool deck repair product. It can cover blemishes on the surface of the deck, such as stubborn stains, watermarks, minor cracks, and more.
  • A painted surface is non-porous, thus, making it an easier surface to clean up.

Why You Need to Find an Alternative

  • The process of painting is more than just applying the paint and letting it dry. Concrete requires tedious preparation for the paint to adhere better and last longer.
  • The concrete must be cleaned with a degreaser and etched with an acid solution to enhance adhesion.
  • You have to use the right primer with the right paint. Using indoor paint for an outdoor pool deck will result in chalking. Using a water-based primer with solvent-based paint can cause the paint to scale and blister.
  • The paint is quite temperature-sensitive. Applying it on a warm pool deck under direct sunlight could cause some areas to separate from concrete and bubble.
  • DIY is not recommended. For durable and long-lasting results, the concrete must be prepared well, which requires a professional’s skill and experience.
  • The preparation process itself involves a lot of work and several other materials like degreasers, primers, and more. This means it tends to cost more than pool deck resurfacing.
  • Paint is quite topical, creating a film of material at the top of a pool deck. It can be easily scratched off the concrete surface.
  • Paint needs to be reapplied every few months or years, depending on how often it is used and how much water and sunlight it is exposed to.
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