Pool Plastering Las Vegas, NV: Resurfacing Your Swimming Pools to the Next Level

Over time, even the most well-maintained pools in Las Vegas can start showing signs of wear and tear. Not only does this affect the overall aesthetics, but it can also cause discomfort to swimmers due to rough or chipped plastering of pools. To restore the beauty and functionality, consider hiring Las Vegas Plastering for expert plaster pool services. Their skilled team specializes in plastering around pool areas, ensuring a smooth finish that revitalizes your pool’s appearance.

Picture yourself inviting friends and family over for a refreshing swim in your pool. As they dip their toes into the water, they feel rough patches on the pool surface. The pool’s appearance fails to impress, leaving a less-than-ideal impression on your guests. 

Fear not, for our professional pool plastering services are here to rescue your pool and elevate your swimming experience to a whole new level. Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to restoring the beauty of your pool with precision and expertise.

Las Vegas Pool Plastering is a practical choice for most pool owners when considering cost and features. Over the years, pool plastering Las Vegas did not have significant changes as far as the method and application are concerned. What has evolved is the diversity of products that are incorporated into the process. White plaster is the most common and most favored color for the swimming pool because it reflects the bluish sky and provides different vibes in your pool water, depending on the daily weather condition.

Pool Plastering: Drawbacks

  • As pool plaster crumbles, the risk of roughness increases. Quartz and pebble plaster becomes coarse with duration.
  • Any considerable substantial pool movement can generate leaks and surface fractures.
  • Pool Plastering may provide minimal protection against discolorations and blemishes, despite recent plaster application
  • Algae formulate to the porous exterior
  • Requires massive chemical application at all times
  • Sensitive pool surface. It becomes dull when stained or damaged.
  • Extreme sensitivity to mistaken pool water mixture, plaster surface easily hazarded.
  • Varies and depends on water chemistry, maintenance regime, plaster mix, and application technique. The average is 5–7 years.
  • Pool Plastering requires high maintenance and attention that will lead to constant pool repair in the long run
  • Lasts for 5-7 years if installed flawlessly

Glasscoat Pool Resurfacing

Pool water is supplemented with essential chemicals to keep your swimming pool clean and sterile. Yet considering all the positive effects it produces, these same disruptive chemicals attack bacteria and algae, simultaneously damaging your pool surface. 

Glasscoat pool resurfacing in Las Vegas NV has a unique distinction. It is static to these hazardous chemicals, making it the most suitable material for a pool surfacing. Rest assured that you have a gorgeous-looking, low-upkeep, and penny-wise family or commercial pool for subsequent years. Glasscoat offers incredible firmness and durability in contrast to conventional plaster, pebble, quartz, tiles, and offers considerably lower preservation and operational expenses.

Glasscoat Las Vegas NV: Features and Benefits

Over the past three decades, Glasscoat is the material that streamlined pool refinishing. It is a specialized, robust, glass-fiber imbued polymer coating applied using up-to-date spray equipment and other relevant tools. It is no different from a protective armor that seals, safeguards, and resists. Glasscoat is a handy watertight amalgam that can be smeared to steel, concrete, fiberglass, and painted exteriors. It produces a brilliant, glimmering appearance and lastingly relieves a dull, obscure appearance. It spontaneously enhances the aesthetic appeal of pools.

Glasscoat is the ideal solution for premium pool resurfacing. It eradicates splinterings, leaks, uneven surfaces, blemish, algae, spalling, and splattering. It is supported by a 2-year warranty and is assured to withstand and exceed other resurfacing materials, including pebble, quartz, PVC, and tiles. Glasscoat requires implicitly no occasional upkeep and is highly resistant to the detrimental impacts brought by pool chemicals. It will certainly keep your pool in a natural and welcoming state for years ahead.

Other Glasscoat Specialties and Advantages Include:

  • Structural integrity restores breaches and leaks. Corrosion-free, waterproof, wear and tear-resistant
  • Highly durable, resilient and crack-bridging characteristics
  • An excellent supplement to concrete and fiberglass
  • Longer life expectancy and better warranty than cement-based commodities; 20-year average service period expected
  • Practically no periodic upkeep and does not entail occasional refinishing
  • Long-lasting aesthetics
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replaster a pool?

The average cost to replaster a Las Vegas pool is between $3.32 to $3. 77 per square foot.

Excluding color enhancements, white plaster can go from $3,500 to $5,500 per perimeter measurement. Meanwhile, a blue quartz project costs between $4,000 to $6,400. A premium marble coating, on the other hand, ranges from $5,700 to $9,000, depending on the size of the pool.

How much does it cost to resurface my pool?

Typically, the cost of a pool resurfacing is around $7 per square foot. Depending on where you live and what kind of pool you have, the total expenses you can expect for a quality pool resurfacing job is between $1,500 and $100,000.

What is the best pool resurfacing material?

Nowadays, more and more resurfacing materials surface in the market, but the best one we recommend is glasscoat. It is a modernized material that is versatile and useful in refinishing swimming pools’ exteriors.

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If you want trustworthy Las Vegas pool plastering and resurfacing services that care about your renovation plans as much as you do, then have your consultation scheduled to find out that concrete resurfacing Las Vegas team are your perfect partner for your next project.

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