Pool Plastering Options in Las Vegas

As Las Vegas heats up due to warmer temperatures, swimming pools become the best places to cool down. If you want to enhance the appearance of your pool floor and walls, consider custom pool plastering Las Vegas. With pool plastering, you also prolong its lifespan.

Pool plastering is necessary for pool construction since it gives the pool a finished look. It also improves the design and aesthetics of your swimming pool. The material used to coat its interiors is called pool plaster.

There are five options for pool plastering Las Vegas, NV. These include traditional white plaster, marble plaster, quartz plaster, tile finish, and pebble aggregate. Each one provides a different ambiance to your pool surface.

Worker Smoothing Wet Pool Plaster with Trowel

Five Types of Pool Plastering

Las Vegas pool plaster is available in different types to accommodate varying needs and preferences. Below are the five most popular pool plaster choices.

Marble Plaster

Marble plaster is the most widely used type of pool plaster. Among the types of marble plaster, the most common is white marble plaster. It uses white cement, white marble aggregate, and water.

Marble plaster is available in white or blue color. Plasterers will dye it blue to enhance the color of the pool water. Pools with marble plaster are easy to maintain. If you want a replaster pool in Las Vegas, marble plaster is also a good option since it can last up to 12 years.

Color Plaster

Another pool plaster Las Vegas option is the color pool plaster. It provides the look of a natural pond or lake. It has similar capabilities to the traditional type but with a darker color. Its dark color is what gives the pool its pond or lake-like appearance.

The color you choose can change how your pool area looks. Darker colors tend to make a pool look more minor and more profound. With this plaster, your color choices are endless, and you may need an upgrade every 10 to 15 years.

Quartz Plaster

If you are looking for durable pool plastering in Las Vegas, consider quartz plaster. Quartz plaster, also known as Diamond Brite plaster, provides an accented and brilliant surface. It uses white cement and crushed quartz, which gives it a sparkly appearance.

Quartz plaster is available in several colors. It has a durable finish and can withstand harsh chemicals, extreme weather, and heavy use. This plaster type lasts 9-15 years.

Tile Finish

Tile finish provides a hard, smooth surface for your pool. The procedure requires applying tiles directly to the cement. If you need to change tiles, your contractor can do it in sections. Since there is no need to retile the entire pool, fixing it will be cheaper.

Tile finish plaster is also a good Las Vegas pool replaster option. It is easy to clean and maintain due to its smooth surface, and you can avail of it in countless colors, patterns, and designs. The tile finish is also durable, lasting from 12 to 18 years.

Pebble Aggregate

Pebble aggregate, also known as an exposed aggregate finish, uses smooth stones or pebbles to create a modern yet natural look. It creates an uneven surface, depending on the size of the aggregate. It is what gives the pool surface its slip-resistant feature.

You can customize pebble aggregate with various types and colors of pebbles or stones. Among the most popular color choices are earth-tone colors. If you need pool plaster repair Las Vegas, you will find this option suitable. It is also durable and can last up to 20 years.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Pool Plaster Type?

If you plan to get pool plastering Las Vegas, NV, you must consider some factors. These are climate, pool usage, and your budget. Pick a plaster type that can withstand the weather in your area. If you use your pool more often, go for a more durable finish. Consider your budget and local concrete contractor to make sure you complete the project without hitches.

The Suitable Pool Plaster to Choose: The Difference it Makes

Whatever type of pool plaster or pool replaster Las Vegas you choose, you can be sure that it will add aesthetic benefits to your backyard. Choose from a variety of colors, designs, and finishes. Pick the appropriate plaster to make your pool vibrant and appealing.

Likewise, do an online search for “replaster pool near me” to find the best custom pool plastering Las Vegas services in your area.

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