Why Choose A Concrete Pool Deck Repair Over A Replacement

Benefits of Pool Deck Repair Over Replace

Whether you have your own private pool or are managing one that is open to the public, it is important to perform a regular inspection. This is an opportunity for you to check for areas that need improvement or repairs. 

Although known for its durability, concrete is not a super material. With long exposure to weather changes and hard usage, it is not surprising to find cracks and other issues on the surface of a concrete pool deck. 

There is an option to replace the entire slab and there is an option to repair. Here are good reasons why a pool deck repair is a better choice.

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Shorter Closing Time

Replacing the entire pool deck will require a lot of time. The process involves removing the old slab, redoing the structural frame or steel foundation, pouring a new mix of concrete, then probably topping it off with another material to finish it off. 

Imagine how long the pool will be closed to make sure all those are done. With a pool deck repair, the process is shorter and less invasive. It would often just involve grinding off the brittle surface, filling cracks and holes, and topping the old slab off with microtopping, an overlay, or a coating. Most repairs take only a few days to complete.

Not As Expensive

Concrete pool deck repair cost less than a concrete slab replacement. It requires less material since it involves restoring the existing pool deck. All it requires is a thin layer of material to give the deck a brand new surface. 

The labor involved is also less complicated. Therefore, the contractor charges less and fewer people are needed to work on the pool deck.

Friendlier To The Environment

Repairing a concrete pool deck is a more sustainable option. It helps reduce the amount of carbon footprint produced when concrete is being manufactured. Also, there is less concrete waste that would take up valuable space in landfills.

It is highly recommended to have a pro inspect your pool deck so that a proper recommendation could be provided. If the pool deck is eligible for repairs, choose to have it repaired. 

It will save you a lot of time and money while also helping save the environment from harm. However, if the damage is too deep and extensive, replacing the pool deck might be a more economical and efficient solution.

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