3 Cool Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget

Just like how a frame highlights a photograph, the deck that surrounds the pool should be treated with equal importance. Not only will it enhance the look of the pool, it also optimizes the variety of activities and enjoyment that family and friends would truly enjoy. While there are luxurious options out there, concrete pool deck ideas on a budget can give the same level of aesthetic and performance upgrades. Here are some cool ways you can revamp the pool deck without breaking the bank:

concrete pool deck

Faux Pool Deck Surfaces

A plain pool deck is fine but if you want to make it more aesthetically captivating, why not turn it into a natural stone, brick, or wood surface? Before you rant about how expensive these materials are and how much more it would cost to have a skilled artisan install it, it does not need to be the real thing. Decorative concrete overlays are now available to replicate the exact look and even texture of such paving materials. The great thing about this is that you get to keep your old pool deck. The overlay is just a thin material installed on top, but thick enough to allow stamped patterns.

One-Stop Pool Stuff Kiosk

You know how you have to run around the house to get all the stuff you need before you could head out to the pool? Not only is this exhausting, it is also very unnecessary. This is one reason why kids don’t wear their safety vests, why they don’t wear sunscreen, or why they don’t even have a towel ready. They are so pumped up to go for a swim that having to get the stuff they need in different areas in a house seems like burdensome obstacles that seem to want to spoil their opportunity to use the pool. The solution? A kiosk right on the pool deck. This can be cabinet-style, something set up on the wall, or coat-hanger style. Just make sure that it has everything they would need for a day in the pool area. It should contain towels, sunscreen, goggles, swim rings, life vests, pool noodles, flip-flops, and more.

Shaded Area with Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Not everyone is a huge fan of long exposure to sunlight. While enjoying a day at the pool, it would be nice to have a shaded area for long hours of lounging. It does not need to be a cabana, just something simple like a fabric hanging over a huge umbrella similar to those used in outdoor cafes. But to make it more interesting, stick some glow-in-the-dark stars underneath it. These get their supply of solar power in the daytime and in the night-time, they are ready to shine brightly while you lounge on the deck for a breath of cool night breeze. It’s like enjoying a night under the stars in a fancy hotel resort, only cheaper.

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