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Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas is a decorative concrete company that offers concrete polishing solutions for both residential and commercial areas in Las Vegas, Nevada. Concrete is more than just a base material now, thanks to several innovations in the concrete industry.

Concrete is not really a popular option for those looking for aesthetic flooring material. Some think its color is just not as attractive as one would want it to be. Also, concrete does not dry to a plain gray hue all the time. Sometimes, the color depends on how the concrete was mixed and the condition of the area where the slab was poured. Polished concrete aims to change all that. Now, concrete can be as stunning as an expensive marble floor. It can be as stylish as any modern flooring material. It can be as desirable as any other flooring material. All these at an affordable cost.

An Overview of Polished Concrete

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Think of polished concrete as sanding concrete surfaces. Wood, when sanded, reveals a fresh surface that looks almost good as new. Concrete, when polished, looks shiny and smooth. Waxing floors can achieve this but think about how much time, effort, and wax it would take to maintain the polished look. Concrete polishing is an application where an old concrete surface is ground with a series of segments or disks that have grits of concrete polishing diamonds. The grits range from coarse to finer, depending on the smoothness and shine that a customer requires.

Concrete Polishing Process

The process of floor polishing can get quite messy as bits of the concrete slab are carefully removed little by little. It is important to let a professional contractor deal with concrete polishing. They are experienced and they have the appropriate equipment needed, such as a concrete polishing machine. Here is a brief look at how concrete polished floors come about:

Step 1

The floor is first evaluated to check for any deep damage as well as any existing sealer or coating. Not all concrete floors can be polished, especially newly poured floors and those with tremendous damage that reaches deep within the slab.

Step 2

If any coating or sealer is present, it must be ground off with a coarse diamond abrasive or a tool made specifically for removing coatings.

Step 3

Surface damage, such as minor cracks and joints, is sealed or patched.

Step 4

The series of concrete grinding begins, starting with a coarse diamond grit and then progressing to a finer one. Pros are trained to determine if the concrete floor is ready for a finer grit.

Step 5

A chemical hardener is applied to densify the concrete and keep it from weakening.

Step 6

Polishing grits are now used to add shine to the concrete surface. Customers can choose a level of sheen from satin to high-gloss.

Step 7

A concrete sealer is applied to the polished concrete to seal its pores, keeping dirt and moisture from penetrating the surface.

Polished Concrete Floor Cost

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Just like most flooring solutions, polished concrete floor cost is dependent on several factors. The number of grinding levels needed to acquire a specific polished level as well as any decorative additions requested by the customer can greatly influence the total cost. Oddly, a larger area will have a lower polished concrete floor cost per square foot than that if a small area. The reason behind this is that it is easier to work on wider spaces and smaller spaces require smaller equipment, extending the time period and effort needed to complete the job.


Customizing Commercial and Residential Concrete Polished Floors

polished concrete floor

While a shiny gray concrete floor is just as attractive, especially for those who love the look of modern, industrial concrete surfaces, there are other design options like stained flooring. Some design ideas include:

Colored Polished Concrete Floor– Since concrete polished floors are still made of concrete, it is eligible to be colored. Customers can choose acid or water-stained stains or concrete dyes, which they find more suitable. Residential concrete Las Vegas homeowner’s popular choices include earthy to gray stained colors.

Scoring & Engraving – Residential and commercial polished concrete floors can both be customized with patterns. Custom scoring and engraving make plain concrete floors more interesting plus the grooves add to slip resistance. 

Cleaning & Maintaining a Polished Concrete Floor

Although concrete polished floors are not maintenance-free, it only requires minimal cleaning and no waxing whatsoever. Use a dust mop daily to prevent dirt from building up and hardening as this can make the floor dull. Wet mop every week or every two weeks to remove stubborn dirt or anything that might have accumulated on the surface. Never use a chemical or acid-based floor cleaner. If you must use a cleanser, choose one that contains neutral ingredients. Wipe off spills immediately to keep them from breaking down the protective sealer and penetrating the concrete slab.

Want shiny concrete floors? Learn about our cost-effective floor polishing now. Call (702) 979-7722 for more info.

Why settle for expensive flooring materials when you can acquire great aesthetics and durability with polished concrete? We at Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas take pride in our work. Our team of installers is trained in polishing concrete floors to a shine suitable to the customer’s preferences. We pay great attention to detail, so you can rest assured that every inch of the concrete floor will be polished impeccably.

Embrace your plain concrete floors and make it a shiny, durable surface without wax! Polished concrete is just the answer! Call us for a free in-home consultation and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polished concrete is less expensive compared to other flooring materials. Its cost ranges between $3 to $8 per square foot. In comparison, hardwood floors cost from $6 to $22 per sq. ft. while natural stone flooring and tile floors cost about the same at $6 to $20 per sq. ft.

On average, a polished concrete floor costs $2,690. Most homeowners pay between $1,540 and $3,480 for a complete job. 

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