3 Questions To Ask For Stained Concrete In An Outdoor Setting

Staining concrete can be done on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, it is important to note that not all stains can be used in both settings. It is also important to mention that there are certain factors that could influence how effective the staining process will be in an outdoor setting. Since concrete surfaces outdoors are more exposed to damaging elements, it is important to secure answers to important questions you need to ask about staining outdoor spaces.

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Staining an outdoor concrete surface requires careful planning and preparation. Here, the most common and crucial questions and their appropriate answers are presented to help give you a good glimpse of the factors to consider for outdoor staining. The type of stain you choose must be designed for outdoor use, thus, providing benefits like UV resistance and more. You must also consider the safety of your pets and plants if you have any. Last but definitely not the least, you must use an extra tough sealer that could protect the stained concrete from temperature changes, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements.

Is the Stain you are About to Use Resistant to UV Rays?

Even if the outdoor concrete surface is sitting under a shade or roof, it is still highly recommended to use a UV-resistant stain coating. This will make sure that the color stays vibrant and non-fading.

Is Stained Concrete Safe for Plants and Animals Outdoors?

This depends on the type of stain you are going to use. Acid stains contain solvents and high VOC, therefore, they are most likely to emit a strong odor. They may cause irritation to skin and eyes. Although the fumes can easily dissipate outdoors, the rinsing process may cause harm. It is important to keep pets out of the worksite while the acid staining process is ongoing. Keep them away until the stain has completely dried. Nearby vegetation must be covered to make sure that splatters and rinsing water won’t get to them. If you have a lot of pets and plants nearby, you can just use a water-based stain that has minimal VOC and does not emit any odor.

Which Sealer Should be Used on a Stained Concrete Surface?

Both indoor and outdoor concrete that has been stained must be sealed. However, you might want to do two layers on an outdoor surface. This will double the protection against harsh weather. Choosing the right sealer to use will be based on the type of stain you used, the set-up and condition of the outdoor surface you sealed, and how much traffic it endures every day.

The only thing left is choosing the right color for your outdoor surfaces. Popular options include acid staining for a natural stone appearance that looks aged and real. Water-based stains are great for creating patterns on an outdoor surface. You can even stain an outdoor rug on your patio! The design possibilities are endless. Consult an expert on concrete staining for more information on staining outdoor concrete.

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