Neo-Classic Outdoor Designs: Top Choice for Homeowners

Neo-classical style of architecture emerged and gained popularity during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, capturing the hearts of many.

Since this style primarily draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of Greek and Roman forms and motifs, you will see that it has already graced the facade of various buildings, from quaint houses to grand mansions.

When you see a neoclassical home, you’ll feel its imposing size and presence. Yet, beneath the grandeur, these homes boast simple geometric shapes and an innate sense of order and harmony that creates a serene atmosphere.

They often feature Greek or Roman columns, such as:

  • Pediments such as triangular-shaped gables
  • Pilasters or vertical columns
  • Entablatures, also known as horizontal bands
Neo-classic outdoor living space

Many homeowners use this design for their Concrete Patios Las Vegas. It allows them to achieve a modern yet classy look for their outdoors. They can achieve it using resurfacing, which is way more cost-efficient than installing new blocks of cement or flooring material.

It is an excellent option for those considering renting out or selling their homes and wanting to increase their value. They are now taking advantage of this design through patio resurfacing Las Vegas. These design themes are perfect for the Las Vegas vibe.

It is famed for its nightlife at The Strip, but aside from its festive atmosphere that doesn’t seem to end, there are many other iconic spots and places to visit, such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Mt. Charleston, and more.

Since the weather in the area is primarily dry and clear all year round, Las Vegas is one of the many reasons why many people visit. However, this area still experiences searing summers and frigid winters. If you are in Vegas, a concrete patio resurfacing can be incorporated into your to-do list if you plan to list your home in the market.

To start with your Las Vegas Concrete Patios resurfacing project, check out the information below.

How to Integrate Neo-classical Design Elements Into Your Home

Beautiful living outdoor space with artificial falls

Are you contemplating infusing your home with the charm of neoclassical design? You can start by redesigning with a concrete patio Las Vegas which your nearby contractors offer, and you can even find more options.

Here are several steps you can take to kickstart the process.

You can start by pinpointing the perfect style for your space, as neoclassical design boasts a rich array of variations.

For example, the Palladian style is perfect for front porches and entryways. It features arched windows and doors and columns or pilasters between each window, creating symmetry around the home. This style is perfect for your Las Vegas vibe patio. There are famous commercial spaces like resorts and museums that use this style of architecture.

On the other hand, the classical block style works well with outdoor lounges and patios because it has large blocks of stone or concrete that you can use as seating areas or walls around fire pits or water features in your yard.

The portico columns are another feature of this neoclassical style; they stand out prominently against any backdrop. Most neoclassical homes are made of high-quality materials such as the following:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Hardwood

Wood is another popular material used in neoclassical homes because it’s sturdy enough to hold up over time but still looks elegant when combined with other materials like stone or glass windows. These materials are durable and can withstand the elements, especially if you want an elegant patio. The Vegas weather works well with these materials.

They give your home luxury and refinement that many other styles don’t have. Consider working with an experienced decorative concrete contractor if you need help integrating this style into your home.

Having a skilled designer helping and assisting you throughout the entire process can help create the perfect look for your space. This will guarantee that everything or all the design elements are in balance.

Go for Neoclassical Design for Homes

Neoclassical homes are timeless and elegant. They are also very well-built and durable and can last for generations. These homes are versatile, and you can adapt them to eclectic styles. Therefore, they can add sophistication to any home and neighborhood.

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