6 Inexpensive Garage Floor Options

Modern garages feature dynamic and innovative flooring spaces. However, as a practical homeowner, you want something that is beautiful but affordable, and that is possible with garage flooring Las Vegas. Concrete garages are one of the experts that recommend sustainable and economical flooring materials.

If you ever got durable epoxy flooring, you would not need to worry. You would not need any expensive floor to replace. You can easily upgrade and reseal epoxy to make it look up to date.

Residential garage with concrete slab flooring

Today’s blog teaches you about other garage flooring options and decorative concrete resurfacing that wouldn’t break your bank.

  • Interlocking Tiles
  • Paint
  • Carpet
  • Epoxy
  • Concrete Stain
  • Concrete Sealer

Cost-Efficient Garage Floor Options With No Quality Compromise

Beautifully crafted garage floors do not need to be expensive, here are economical garage floor covering and materials that would not compromise function and quality.

1. Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles are suitable flooring materials, and they also come in various types of materials. Vinyl is the main component of interlocking tile, and this material is high in demand for flooring and other construction projects.

The material has heavy-duty functions that equate with concrete floors. However, using vinyl tiles is easy and light. What would add to its cost-saving quality is that you won’t need to hire professional installers for this.

2. Paint

No doubt that paint is the cheapest on this list, and they are also user-friendly, so you can save costs from paying for labor work. You can paint the floor yourself.

However, paint could be costly when it comes to maintenance. You will need to re-apply paint more than once a year, especially for heavy traffic garage floors. It wears fast. Some garage owners would use proxy enhanced paint which is more costly than regular acrylic-based paint; however, it lasts longer. But do not mistake epoxy for added paint because paint is still paint. It easily washes off and fades after some time.

But as long as you would only need to pay the utmost $1 for paint, reapplication will be a breeze.

Man painting garage floor

3. Rubber Carpet

Rubber carpet is very user-friendly, and it’s super affordable. Unlike vinyl garage tiles, rubber carpet usually comes in large rubber sheets. It installs fast, too, by rolling it over flat and straight on the slab.

Rubber carpet also saves the cost of maintenance. Rubber carpets are easy to wash and rinse, and you would not even need any complicated cleaning solutions.

4. Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy garage floors are the most cost-effective and convenient garage flooring, and it combines the quality of the expensive polyaspartic coatings with the convenience of installing concrete floors.

To get the most out of epoxy and use it for its worth, you must plan when and how to execute epoxy floors. A professional garage floor contractor would be the one to expertly tell the next move when installing epoxy in the garage. In that way, you are sure to save on expensive maintenance.

Closely related to epoxy is the polyurea garage floor coating, this only requires a one-day installation and is considered one of the most durable floor coatings. 

Red car parked in a garage with epoxy flooring

5. Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is becoming a practical choice for garage floors. Staining methods cost only $3 to $7 per square foot, and materials and labor.

You can also DIY staining for as low as $1.5. Staining creates a pattern on the slab[ surface that makes it hide the dirty and messy stains from garage materials.

In that way, concrete also makes cleaning, repairs, and maintenance low cost.

6. Concrete Sealer

Last is the concrete sealer. Usually, this comes in acrylic or epoxy-based sealer. Clear epoxy is low cost, and you would only need to use thin-film to apply on the surface.

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