2022 Update On Garage Floors Coatings Cost

Here is the latest info that you need for revamping your garage floors Las Vegas this 2022. 

well-organized garage space with storage cabinets and a variety of automotive tools and equipment

The changes you need to watch out for are the cost depending on the floor size, the type of coating, and professional job vs. DIY.

The latest updates are all ahead!

A new year means a fresh perspective, and to do that, here are factors that you now need to list on your garage flooring project plan.

  • Floor Size
  • Type of Coating
  • DIY
  • Labor Cost

2022 Garage Floor Coatings What To Expect

Get ahead of the season and be planning your garage floor revamp while it is still the beginning of the year.

Expect changes on trends with the floor coating materials, in terms of style and design. Here is the labor cost through the new set of flooring services available for you.

Flooring Size Factor

The first thing you must include in your planning is the specific flooring size of your garage.

The flooring size matters. Knowing the floor size surface that needs coating would help you with the budget and have an idea of how long it would take.

You may have a two car garage size or three car garage size. But if you only need one car to park, then you can use the other space for other purposes and have the specific spot resurfaced with garage coatings only.

After measuring the area from corner to corner, take the measure where your car fits. Then combine the rest of the space finished with other floor coatings.

garage space with hanging bike and cabinets

Here is a different take when costing your garage redesign according to size:

  • Resurface the car parking space with epoxy, and leave the rest as bare concrete.
  • Include storage areas where you can build storage racks that measure from the concrete floors up to the ceiling.
  • Leave a small spot unfinished to save budget and install a storage cabinet covering the unsealed area.
  • Use polished concrete flooring to save you on cost for adding lights in the garage. A clear epoxy floor disperses natural light into a space.
  • A 3 car garage space may use big windows and a rolling door to let light and airflow in. This will not require you to use lamps during the day as the garage space will be well lighted.

Type Of Coating Used

For the type of coating to use in your garage areas, use material that allows you to level up the space for innovation and function. One material that will make the top choice is epoxy flooring Las Vegas coatings.

So, when including epoxy in your plan, considering it as an investment would be helpful for you to prepare the necessary budget.

And now that you know epoxy could be pricey for a small garage, you may want to plan on getting mixed-type floor coating materials.

You may reduce the size of the space for epoxy and have other materials cover the rest.

You can combine epoxy floors with garage floor tiles and rubberized interlocking garage mats.

DIY Options That Saves Cost

Man and woman building cabinet

When it comes to resurfacing garage flooring, it is always best to let experts handle the job.

Meanwhile, here are other materials that you may DIY to help you save cost:

  • DIY storage cabinets
  • DIY tool racks
  • DIY living room set up in the garage
  • DIY workspaces inside the garage
  • DIY repurposed couch, tables, and chairs

Labor Cost

Epoxy might seem too easy to use, especially when you see videos of flooring contractors pouring the coating smoothly on the surface.

But look closely at those videos, and you will see that the one working on the floor is dressed up with full armor.

If you cannot get protective gear, you must let the pros do your garage floor project. 

Here are more reasons why you should hire a pro when installing epoxy flooring

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