How Long Does The Epoxy Floor Last?

The epoxy floors last up to 20 years. If taken good care of, they can outlast 30 years. Amazing, right! 

Why the doubt, though? Some users may mistake an epoxy paint for an actual epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor Las Vegas is one expert company that specializes in these types of floors. The epoxy we are talking about is the flooring system that contains pure solid materials. Before you learn more about epoxy’s durable quality, first, shed some light on how epoxy is different from epoxy-enhanced paint.

epoxy floor coating

Epoxy vs. Epoxy Paint

Epoxy is durable 100 % solid flooring material. On the other hand, Epoxy paint is a regular paint that contains more than 50% solvent compounds. 


Paint materials are usually latex or acrylic-based. So, how do they acquire the epoxy quality? They don’t. What happens to the paint is they only are enhanced with a drop or resin epoxy. Those few drops of resin make the paint last longer than the ordinary coating. That is why epoxy paint also became one of the popular materials to use among the floors. But mostly, the enhanced patin materials opt for surfaces that need protection from wear and tear, like garage floors, but at the same time, they cost less.


Epoxy floor coatings are now the material commonly found among industrial facilities and commercial spaces. These areas require lots of forklift and vehicle traffic. Those are aside from the heavy use and constant exposure to foot traffic.  


What makes the floor coating super strong is the resin and hardener components it is made of. These are not mixed into paints. Once the resin coating covers the concrete flooring, it turns into a solid material at once. The coating dries fast, and the surface becomes a single unit of the cement slab. You will not think that two different materials exist beforehand. The epoxy creates a shiny, polished surface, as a result.

How Long Does Epoxy Dry?

Another thing that makes epoxy the most preferred material for garage floors and other heavy traffic areas is that it dries super fast. Unlike paint, even if you put drops of resin in it, it still needs time to cure. 

With epoxy flooring, curing can finish in just half a day. If you have heard before that epoxy floor finishes installation in one day, it is true! You can walk right away over the surface. Once the concrete floors get an epoxy coating, the compound forms solid. The installers can walk on the coated surface using epoxy rubber shoes. It’s specialized gear for expert floor installers. The total curing time of epoxy garage floors needs at least 72 hours. That is for complete curing, and nothing can get quicker than that, compared to other resurfacing available today.

Epoxy Floors Decorative Commercial Concrete Floors

Durable and low-cost maintenance! These are the top quality of the king of floors. With these features, business owners prefer resurfacing their concrete surfaces with epoxy. It saves them downtime that makes their business get going even if renovations and constructions occur in the area.

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