Stamped Concrete Patterns Perfect for Your Entryway

When it comes to Las Vegas stamped concrete, there are endless possibilities for patterns and designs. And while stamped concrete is often used for patios and driveways, it can also be the perfect material for your entryway.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your stamped concrete entryway, here are some popular ideas to get you started from concrete companies Las Vegas.

The Perfect Entrance with Stamped Concrete Patterns

If you are not new to concrete stamping, you know that the stamped patterns replicate the natural look of genuine stones and slate.

Raw-cut stones are pretty rare if you want to access them nowadays. And those that would give you the long-lasting quality would be expensive.
Here are the most suitable stamped concrete patterns that would make extraordinary and luxe entryways. Create these for your great experience walking into your properties every day.

Brick Pattern

A stamped concrete brick pattern is a classic design that will never go out of style, and it’s a great choice if you want a traditional look for your entryway.

To create this look, your contractor will use a stamping mat that looks like bricks, and then they’ll add color to the concrete to make it look like real bricks.

Brick patterned entryway with red stain

Wood Plank Pattern

Consider a wood plank pattern if you want your stamped concrete entryway to have a more rustic look. This design is created using a stamping mat that looks like wood planks.

To make the concrete surface look like real wood, the contractor or the installer would add a color that resembles the actual planks.

Wood plank stamp pattern in a residential


For a stamped concrete entryway that has a more elegant look, consider a cobblestone design.

You can achieve a cobblestone finish by using stamp mat cobblestone patterns. Then, your contractor will add color to the concrete to make it look like real cobblestones.

Multiple colored cobblestone stamped concrete entryway

European Fan

If you’re looking for a stamped concrete entryway that’s truly unique, consider a European fan design.

Meanwhile, this pattern is created using a stamping mat shaped like a brick fan. Once the freshly poured concrete starts to cure, the installer would add coloring to the stamped concrete to get the European fan finish.

European fan stamped and stained entryway

Ashlar Slate

Consider an ashlar slate design for a stamped concrete entryway that resembles natural stone.

Ashlar Slate is achieved with a stamping mat with patterns that look like slate tiles. Ashlar slate designs would bear natural cool stone colors or what is popularly known as ashlar.

You would use bluish-gray, gray, dark gray to light grey.

Ashlar slate patterned with gray stain entryway

Let's Get Your Stamp of Approval: Conclusion

No matter what stamped concrete pattern you choose for your entryway, you can be sure that it will be stylish and functional. Stamped concrete is a durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic, so it’s perfect for entryways. And, with so many stamped concrete patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.

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