DIY 3 Cool Epoxy Flooring Projects

Epoxy is one of the most popular trends in the flooring industry nowadays. Why not? It is not every day that you would come by a material that is tough and resistant to almost any type of damage. It is common for people to confuse epoxy flooring with epoxy coating. The only thing you have to remember is that an epoxy flooring is at least two millimeters in thickness, whereas, a coating is anything thinner than two millimeters. Although it is known more for its durability, epoxy can create stunning floors unlike any you have seen before. Here are a few of the coolest projects you can do.

Multi-colored Masterpiece

There are two ways you can make a multi-colored: with different colors of epoxy or with multi-colored paint chips. There are several installers who can design a flooring specifically to match or complement the current theme of the room where it is being installed but you can also do this yourself with a little help from someone who knows how. The great thing about using different epoxy colors is that it can be made to look like a colorful stone slab, a watercolor painting, or an abstract work of art.

Paint chips are often broadcasted on a layer of epoxy to give it that granite or terrazzo look. It comes in different colors and you can use a mix of different hues to give it a unique texture and varying depths.

Glitter and Glam

glittered epoxyBring your floor to a whole new level of sparkle with glitter or holographic flakes. There are many different colors of glitter available for use with an epoxy flooring. You can use similar colors or use a contrasting glitter color to make it stand out. This type of decorative concept is ideal for rooms, hallways, commercial spaces, and more.

Mind-bending 3D

Source: Youtube

3D images under a layer of clear epoxy are gaining popularity nowadays not only in commercial settings but also in homes. An angled image that appears to pop out of the surface is laid out on the concrete floor before a clear epoxy is applied on top of it. The epoxy enhances the 3D look, giving it a bit of sheen, and protecting it from damage.

There are many creative installers, designers, and enthusiasts out there who would soon come up with more cool ideas for epoxy flooring. It is important to note that 3d epoxy floors could cost more than a regular epoxy flooring so make sure you are ready to make this worthwhile investment.

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