Decorating Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces with Concrete Resurfacing

Work to your dream home. One that has gorgeous outdoor spaces to match the interior design of your house. This could be yours without having to buy an expensive new property. Concrete resurfacing breathes life into outdoor spaces as it gives a whole new design to concrete surfaces. All with a price that isn’t too far out of reach. Here are the different ways you can decorate your home’s hardscapes with concrete resurfacing.

Textured Driveways

stamped concrete drivewayWho knew driveways could be so decorative? Going for texture on your concrete driveway gives an otherwise plain looking driveway some added character. It also improves traction of the concrete surface which is ideal for receiving vehicle traffic. A textured driveway can be achieved through stamped concrete overlays or acrylic coatings such as spray-knockdown texture.

Patterned Walkways

Stamped Concrete OverlayThe walkway is another concrete surface that we need to pay more attention to when it comes to home improvements. A decorative walkway is great for adding detail to your home’s outdoor design. Opting for patterns are a fool-proof choice because it can complement any aesthetic. Go for the classic look of pavers or the contemporary flair of geometric lines. Either way, this can be achieved with patterned overlays or custom scorelines.



Natural Stone Patio

las vegas decorative concrete contractorA luxurious look and feel for the patio can be achieved with natural stone. However, actual stones can be quite expensive and availability can prove difficult when acquiring these. Fortunately, the look of natural stone can be mimicked with polymer-modified overlays. Some of the popular selections for this are flagstone, cobblestone, random stone and slate. A seasoned concrete contractor can make this application look as authentic as can be.

Stained Pool Decks

Outdoor Floor StainingWhat’s a pool area without a splash of color? Dull and boring. A stained concrete pool deck is the best option for giving it a splash of color. You can opt for a mix of vibrant hues with water-based stains. If you prefer neutral or warm earthy colors, go for acid stains. These react chemically to the concrete so distinct mottling effects will appear on the surface. Whichever you choose, a luminous wash of color is a surefire way to add decorative flair.

Who doesn’t want to go home to a beautiful outdoor space? These enhancements are a substantial investment. A gorgeous-looking home may come with hefty costs, but the sense of fulfillment you get is priceless. If you want to know more about decorative concrete in Las Vegas, you can visit our homepage.

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