Sleek Epoxy Flooring Designs for Contemporary Homes

One of the latest breakthroughs in contemporary interior design is the use of epoxy flooring in homes. Epoxy resin coatings were known to be applied only in industrial and commercial floors before. This idea changed as trends in the design world advance and transgress into new directions. Initially, epoxy made its way into concrete floors of garages and basements because of the durability advantage it offers. Now formulations and application techniques have been developed to increase aesthetic appeal in epoxy floors. This made it a popular option for other areas inside the home. In this article, we have sleek epoxy flooring designs for contemporary homes. Read on!

Bold & Bright

epoxy flooringContemporary home designs are all about the minimalist approach. Instead of catching attention with multiple elements, one element poses as a focal point of the overall design of an area. The focal point has to be striking in one way or another. Complementary design elements are added to balance the whole look.

One way to create a striking design statement is to give your concrete floor a solid wash of bold and bright color. Applying a solid color epoxy finishing system is a suitable way to achieve this. Bright colors against a completely neutral color scheme will surely make your home interiors lively and inviting.

Smoke & Mirrors

metallic epoxy concrete floorIn line with the minimalist approach, a popular contemporary home trend is to use a neutral color palette. The challenge is in how to find a creative way to apply neutral colors to deviate from a plain and simple look. Some contemporary home designs go all out with a black & white color scheme. Other use multiple shades of gray to create depth.

Imitating the look of a smokey, mirrored finish with metallic epoxy is a great way to do so. Titanium epoxy resin is mixed with pearl pigment to achieve this look. The visual effect of smoke combined with a high-gloss finish adds an intriguing look to any concrete floor.

Solid White

epoxy floorWhen you look through images of contemporary homes, you’ll find that using white as a base color is a popular trend. And why not? White is a color that adds brightness to an area without being too overbearing. It’s bold yet refined and complements the sleek look of a contemporary home.

Solid white floors with a high-shine finish are one of the ways to apply this trend. A solid color epoxy finishing system is installed on a concrete floor to achieve this. Don’t worry about staining your white floors, epoxy floors are impermeable to stains.

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