Concrete Restoration and Repair: Signs That Your Concrete Needs Restoration

Among all the decorative methods now available, there is one that is waiting for you to try. It’s a concrete restoration. It has benefits that equate to other methods and can even surpass them as simple as it sounds. 


Read on! Today’s article will tell you all about the signs your concrete needs repair and restoration. Its practicality and cost-efficiency will surprise you.

large crack on a plain concrete

What are the signs your concrete needs repair?

There are 10, yes, ten reasons common to concrete problems. Get to know each of them by name:

  • Cracks
  • Crazing
  • Uneven slabs
  • Pooling water on the surface
  • Aging Materials
  • Interior and exterior wall crack
  • Fixtures sticking out
  • Slopping decks
  • Sinking slabs
  • Decorative coatings detach or fade

What to do when you see those signs?

When concrete cracks and acquires other damages, an owner wants to fix them by changing the entire slab. Doing that will cause a lot of pain in your pockets.

Now, here comes restoration methods to the rescue. What exactly happens here that deserves your attention. Let’s tackle each significant sign. Four to focus at:


  • Cracks on Concrete

Cracks can appear large or small. Experts recommend giving equal serious attention even with small, thin-hair cracks. Cracks are common, and seeing them only means that damage is lurking around the corners.

The first clue that something is amiss with your concrete is a crack. Cracks can be treated in a variety of ways, one of which is epoxy fillers. Though installing epoxy flooring beforehand is one of the finest ways to extend the life of your concrete.

You can check here for more information about epoxy flooring and epoxy flooring Las Vegas.


  • Uneven slabs

Uneven decks and pool floorings tell you more. Now you are going deep to the core slabs. And you may see either a sinking slab or an unlevel slab. 

This sign tells you a problem exists deep within the slab reinforcements. A deeper problem is causing the unevenness. That is the ground soil eroding or breaking.

That condition may also lead to the next sign.


  • Water gathering on the surface

If your slabs are often noisy or turning muddy, then a significant problem exists beneath. The water from the bare earth is seeping above the concrete materials. 

When you see this, start imaging a triangle. The tip begins as narrow, and as it goes down, the base widens. That is the type of crack or damage existing. It may appear undamaged above, but the real problem is getting more prominent below.

That happens due to water corroding the concrete materials. Soon you will see the next issue. Sinking slabs.


  • Sinking concrete surface

Do not panic, but don’t get relaxed as well. Now that you notice the slabs sinking. This may not be qualified for resurfacing or restoration.

This time you might need to replace the concrete. But, before you do that, check the reinforcements. If there is a way for you to salvage what is beneath, you can prepare the concrete for slab jacking.

Lastly, slab jacking is an experts’ solution to restore or save sinking damaged concrete. This is the most recommended solution. And yes, you can save that beloved concrete slab before it completely collapses.

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