Is Paint the Best for a Concrete Pool Deck, and Is It Worth It?

On average, a pool painting or staining project cost around $300 to $1200. In the past blogs, you learned that using paint is an A-Ok for pool decks. And if you still haven’t read the pros and cons of paint, today’s blog will review it for you.


You can have a concrete pool deck painting with many reliable results with various decorative resurfacing applications. Aside from the typical painting material, you can give the pool decks a lift in their style, form, and function. 


Several paint brands may convince you of using them, but paint is NOT the best material for pool decks.

Red painted concrete pool deck

Pool deck paints are the quick and sure choice for most residential pool owners. But here are other pool decking options that you may find more suitable. Check them out.

  • Spray Texture 
  • Classic Cool Deck
  • Pool Deck Staining
  • Stamped Concrete Pool Deck


So, if it is NOT the paint, what is the best for a concrete pool deck, and how much will it cost you?

How To Choose The Best Paint For Pool Decking Material?

Paint somehow wins your preferences, especially if you want a temporary fix for more design options. So, now take a quick look at the factors to consider when opting for concrete pool deck painting

  • How much is your pool project budget?
  • What is the type of your pool deck surface?
  • What color will compliment your entire area?
  • What kind of damages surfaces on the decks?
  • How small or big is the place that needs painting?

Pool Decks Paint And Other Resurfacing Materials

Painting pool deck is typically the cheapest resurfacing or decorative material. You can use it for other areas such as the slides or the pool shade or umbrella. But for the entire decking, it’s best to use more durable material.

Paint For Practical Uses

Paint is typically the cheapest resurfacing or decorative material. The only reason to use paint is to have the deckings a temporary design or color. The surface materials will chip or flake and fade once exposed to pool water chemicals and other outdoor factors. 


Paint costs you $2 to $3 per square foot. It sure is cheap. But pool decks may require additional material. One is a gunite base that will cost you an additional $1,500 if you aim to make the paint last long over the pool surface.

Fiberglass Pool Decking

Some pool owners who own a fiberglass pool require to paint thor decks. It is practically what suits the surrounding decks. But repainting will often arise every one to twice a year, and you will already double the cost.


Textured Concrete Decks

Some opt to resurface the pool area with concrete. Then it makes a cohesive look with concrete deckings. You may also use paints to prevent the concrete decks from blisters, cracks, and stains. But it won’t last long. 


For concrete decks, the best options will be a textured finish or a spray knockdown finish. The spray knockdown application acts the same as paint that cools or defects heat from the pool surface. Only the spray with the acrylic-epoxy-based coating will last long. 


That makes this material a valuable option, and it costs pretty much the same as paint at $2.50 per square foot on average.


Before you dive into painting the pool decks for decorative, know first your other options. The key is to see the pool decking requirements. Sometimes a material or application will not suit a particular type of climate. Or, if one prefers a specific pool decking surface from other materials, a concrete deck sealer or coating is necessary. And using these types of decorative methods will make a lot of difference. If you are still unsure, it’s best to reach out to a professional concrete contractor Las Vegas to get expert advice. 

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