The Benefits Of A Concrete Pool Deck

You could be planning a pre-summer pool deck repair Las Vegas that includes your swimming pools— concrete Pool Deck Enterprise, Nevada, highly-recommended concrete resurfacing. Concrete pool decks are durable, and they provide outstanding slip resistance.
Here are the benefits you should consider to convince you to switch to a more efficient material for your outdoor floors.

  1. Durability
  2. Affordable
  3. Versatility
  4. Slip-resistant
  5. Low Maintenance

Let’s unravel these perks one by one.

Cream colored spray knockdown texture in a pool deck

Five Concrete Pool Decks Perks

1- Durable Surface Around Pools

Las Vegas concrete floors around the swimming pool are exposed to extreme conditions. One is excessive moisture and water presence. Next is heavy traffic and use. Then add the scorching heat of the sun, especially during summer. These conditions played in one would cause the breaking and weakening of the concrete material.

Concrete has excellent resistance to these elements, keeping the material in its top condition.

2- Affordable Than Other Top-Tier Material

To say that concrete is cheap is an understatement, and it would be less expensive if you compared it to other pool decking materials.

3- Versatility In Design

Talking about the material’s versatility would require a day’s discussion, and there would be a lot of aspects to unfold when you want to look closely at concrete floors. However, when it comes to creating a stylish and trendy pool deck, concrete’s potential truly shines. But to present concrete’s versatility in a nutshell, consider these three typical applications:

Stamped Concrete: This application shows how simply stunning the floor can be. Decorative stamped concrete enhances the plain look of concrete by just stamping rubber mats with decorative patterns on them.

Stained Pool Decks: Let this be your option when you need to enhance the colors on the surfaces. Stained application is known for its long-lasting colors that resist fading even when water cascades on the slabs.

Spray Knockdown: The Spray Knockdown is your cool deck. The coating is applied using a spray gun. In that way, the finish would have a snow-peak-like formation, and then a reel would knock down the curing coating. It results in a unique texture on the surface, making it comfortable for barefoot walking.

Crystal clear blue water in a residential pool with concrete pool deck

4- Concrete Pool Deck Is Slip-Resistant

Probably the best thing about concrete decks is their slip resistance. Unlike other materials, you would need to apply an additional coating. These coating products make an outdoor floor surface more suitable for the environment and prevent it from getting damaged.

5- Low Maintenance

The last benefit of resurfacing concrete pool decks in your backyard leisure areas is their low maintenance. You would have a neat and seamless pool deck all year round. You can have this even without constant repair. Concrete maintains a pleasing surface that is essential for public spaces that pool goers could enjoy. Concrete does it for you.

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