4 Concrete Patio Designs For The Thrifty

Although a thrifty homeowner is quite cautious in spending hard-earned money, their options need not be limited and boring. A concrete patio, for example, may seem like a plain space but, with just a bit of creativity, it can be made more appealing and functional. Here are some cool ideas you might want to try:

wooden inspired patio and a rattan chair

Decorative Concrete Patios

Decorative concrete is one of the most popular trends today. It has taken advantage of concrete’s versatility, offering different coatings and overlays that can repair and update a patio in just a few days. It offers solutions that put concrete in the limelight and not just as a subgrade, as it has often been before. Popular concrete patio designs and options include stamped overlays, spray texture, and concrete staining.

Built-in Concrete Seating Elements

Having something to sit on on the patio would be nice but it is unbelievable how expensive outdoor furniture is. What you can do is to use concrete to build seating elements on the patio. You can paint it, stain it, or engrave designs on it, the possibilities are endless. You can build these against walls or around a fire pit.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Adding plants to a concrete patio will definitely make it look better and feel closer to nature. However, some plants require tedious gardening work and expensive maintenance. If these are keeping you from putting plants on the patio, there is a practical remedy. Consult with a local gardener and ask about native plants in Las Vegas that require minimal maintenance. Since the area is mostly desert, succulents and cacti are great choices. They look really good and they do not take up too much space. These can go long without water and require no trimming or fertilizer whatsoever, so you won’t have to worry about sparing some gardening time just to keep them alive.

stunning patio with beautiful plants

Recycled or Repurposed Decor

Repurposing is the latest trend in decor. Old wine bottles are transformed into chimes, chandeliers, and even candle holders. Old tires are made into outdoor beanbags and old wooden window panes are used as a wall decor. All you need are craft materials and a lot of imagination. To acquire a homey and eye-candy patio, you can get creative and repurpose items, like pots, crates, reclaimed wood, and more, and keep your hard-earned money for more important matters. Not only do you enjoy the patio more, you get to do so without breaking the bank.

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