How To Use The Most Popular Colors Of 2019 In Your Home Decor

Move over, pastel blue and black statement walls. Your reign as the most popular colors for home decor ended as soon as 2019 arrived. This year has seen the entrance of refreshing tones that have been optimized by paint companies and home stylists to present a refreshing tone to the year.

If you want to keep your home up-to-date with the best and trendiest colors, check out this list for the most popular colors and how to use them in your home.

1.Forest Tones

Last year saw the rise in popularity for bright green hues inspired by house plants and nature, but 2019 has moved us further into the woods with gray-browns and dark forest greens.

These colors are great for both walls and floors. And if you’re looking for something more cost-effective and durable than wood for your floors, stamped concrete can mimic the exact same look of wood. Stamped concrete floors can do this through the technique of stamping and decorating the concrete while it is still wet to give the appearance of wood. The concrete can then later be stained to the desired woodland-inspired color with water-based stains.

forest colored inspired living room area with cozy couch and a throw pillow

2. Techno Colors

Shutterstock, a digital platform for images, recently released a report of what they saw were the most popular colors among photos on their site. UFO Green, Plastic Pink, and Proton Purple have been projected as the most popular colors of the year. And while that doesn’t necessarily translate into home decor, it still does have some bearing.

While these colors probably won’t look great on your walls, they can be incorporated in soft furnishing and the artwork that you can hang up on your walls this year. Just be careful and thoughtful about its placement to avoid comparisons to a gaming console.

3. Bright Coral

Living Coral was chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, so it’s no wonder it’s shown up in all the home decor magazines.

It’s a bright hue that has golden undertones so it works well on the walls of kitchens and bathrooms where cabinet fixtures have the same gold hues. It can be a bright pop of color as an accent wall but it can also be used as the color of cushions and throws in living rooms and bedrooms.

A word of caution: going overboard with this color might overwhelm the entire space.

bright coral kitchen cabinet

4. Millennial Pink

If you were completely in love with the rise of pink as a color for home decor last year, then we’re sure you’ll love the popularity of millennial pink in home decor.

It’s a soft hue of pink that emanates a kind of calm and coolness. It’s not definitively feminine either, so it will work in a wide range of homes. We love it on the walls of bathrooms where there is a good source of light. Pair it with bright yellow furnishings for a colorful look that will make a statement.

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